Why can I only accept a loan offer?

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When you apply for a loan through Good Finance, we send your application to all the banks with which we cooperate. This means that it is not just one bank but several that assess your application and decide whether they can offer you a loan.

In many cases, this means that as an applicant you receive more loan offers because several of our banks want to offer a loan based on information in the application.

Although you may have only applied for DKK 20,000, it can be tempting to borrow DKK 40,000 or DKK 60,000 when you have suddenly received loan offers from two, three or four banks.

When accepting a loan offer

When accepting a loan offer

When an applicant agrees to a loan offer from Good Finance, we close the application so that we do not collect new offers for you and partly reject any other loan offers. Technically, it is therefore not possible to accept more than one loan.

The reason why you can only accept one loan offer is that loan offers are always given on the basis of a credit rating. Credit rating is an assessment of the applicant’s current economic situation, ie. how much the person earns, consumes and owes right now.

Read more about what a credit rating is here.

When you say yes to a loan, one’s financial situation changes because one now owes money and has to pay interest and repayments. The bank would like to have the opportunity to take this into consideration before offering the applicant a new loan. Therefore, the rule is one loan per. application.

More than one loan

More than one loan

Once you have accepted a loan, there is a period of 30 days when you cannot apply for a loan again. The 30-day period must ensure that the loan can be registered so that the banks can carry out a new credit assessment and get all relevant information with them.

At the same time, the 30-day period gives the applicant the opportunity to prove that he / she can pay the benefit and oversee his financial situation.

Comparison is good

Comparison is good

Good Finance allows you to compare loan offers from multiple banks before accepting a loan. You can fill out an application for free and without obligation and see your options for loans.

Apply for a loan Fill only one application and receive offers from several banks. Free and no obligation. apply now

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