Check returned: what to do to avoid restrictions

Your check back? Okay, this kind of situation is more common than you think and the reasons are many.

Whether for lack of funds in the account and even incorrect issuance, no one wants to have complications because of the check returned, such as the denial of the name.

So keep reading to know what to do about it.

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Check returned and denied: how to clear your name

Check returned and denied: how to clear your name

Without doubts, for this not to occur, it is necessary to exercise caution with account expirations, so that your budget is always up to date and the due dates are highlighted as a form of prevention.

In some cases, it is possible for the check to come back anyway and restrict your right to credit, so you will need to clear your name.

See how in this post we have prepared for you!

Be sure to seek information

Be sure to seek information

When faced with a returned check, contact the bank branch immediately for further explanation.

Do not forget to also ask for directions as to what should be done to normalize your situation.

Acknowledge the check

Acknowledge the check

Remind to whom you wrote the check, for what reasons and on what date.

In order to avoid complications, it is always indispensable to note these data on the stub.

Redeem the check

Redeem the check

After collecting the necessary information, seek to speak to the person and pay the check, eliminating the risk of being re-submitted.

Be very careful, because resubmitting can cause your bank account to be blocked.

However, since the redemption of the check is impossible, make a deposit in court.

Go to the bank to present the check

With the check and vouchers in hand, head to the bank as soon as possible to confirm the settlement.

Remember that the more you act immediately, your name will get cleaner faster.

Finally, the following steps are under the care of the bank, which has up to 5 business days to send the proof of regularization to the credit protective bodies.

Unusual situations

Unusual situations

There are cases where the check may come back even after the payment has been withdrawn from your account.

But do not worry, this can be easily solved, just go to the bank with the proof of movement.


By following these steps the situation can be easily circumvented. Cultivate the habit of planning and maintaining an up-to-date budget, so you lessen the risk of having the check returned.

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